Home Tech that ‘Just Works’: BrilliantCare Service & Support

Don’t spend another second fussing with updating your phone, tablet, or home tech. Brilliant AV does it for you, quickly and on your schedule, with its new BrilliantCare Home Tech Service and Support plan.

When Home Tech Goes Wrong

Software updates and system reboots are facts of life with smart home systems. Whole-house music platforms, intelligent light switches, automation systems, and the mobile devices you use to control your environment need a little TLC to stay in peak condition. If not, they can falter and throw a monkey wrench into your day. Usually at the worst possible moment before a dinner party, as you’re leaving for vacation, or when you’re hosting houseguests.

Instead of tapping a button on your mobile device to start a playlist as your guests take their seats, the system sabotages your plans, and you hear nothing. When you’re rushing to get to the airport, the house lights ignore your instructions to turn off, pushing you behind schedule as you rush around, flipping switches manually. Scenarios like these are not the end of the world, but why deal with home tech downtime when you don’t have to? A simple call to the tech experts at Brilliant AV is all it takes to get it back on track.

BrilliantCare Service & Support

Thanks to Brilliant AV’s unique and comprehensive BrilliantCare Service and Support program, home tech issues—big or small—are things of the past. Brilliant AV’s team of home tech professionals are available 24/7 to respond to your issues in an on-time and professional manner. Every Brilliant AV customer receives this same level of service.

If you want immediate resolution, Brilliant AV’s Premier service plan gives you scheduling priority. These visits are unlimited and free of charge. However, because this plan also includes regular network security updates and proactive monitoring and maintenance of your home technology, frequent house calls are unlikely. You still get one annual visit to check your home technology as part of Brilliant AV’s most comprehensive service plan.

Other packages are available, too, to accommodate your needs and your budget.

No matter what program you elect, top-notch customer service is a priority at Brilliant AV. Even before you realize there’s a problem, Brilliant AV’s comprehensive remote monitoring capabilities allow them to diagnose, analyze, and resolve issues as mundane as a simple software update. You can relax and let the professionals and Brilliant AV handle all your home tech needs now and years after your systems have been installed.

Elect for tech that “just works” every time with our new Home Tech Service & Support plans, and never again experience a dinner party without jazz, a missed flight, or the general inconvenience of having to manage your technology.

Brilliant AV has you covered. Contact us today to get started.