From smooth Wi-Fi connections and collaboration systems to solutions that foster comfortable work environments, technology is essential to work remotely, productively and efficiently.

According to a recent report by Flexjobs and Global Workplace Analytics, the number of people who work remotely in the U.S. increased by 159% between 2005 and 2017. And the trend doesn’t show signs of slowing, as many socioeconomic factors are driving individuals and businesses to explore viable work from home/remote work options. The problem is, remote workers aren’t always set up for success, with equipment that is poorly configured and installed, not to mention subpar networks.

Brilliant AV has been helping clients work remotely for many years by creating workspaces that allow them to operate more efficiently, conveniently, and productively, overcoming traditional technology hurdles that are normally handled by an on-staff IT person with ease.

“There are a wide variety of remote office and home office solutions that we recommend to businesses and individuals to ensure complete transparency of the technology—systems that are so seamlessly integrated into the space that it feels as if you’re right there in the room with your office-based colleagues,” says Brilliant AV’s Steve Starry. “Our goal as system integrators is to make the adjustment from a corporate office to a remote workplace as painless as possible by incorporating all the tools you need to stay on top of your game.”

Attain Exceptional Wi-Fi Access

Imperative to effective communications among employees, no matter where they are located, is a solid, reliable Wi-Fi connection. The last thing you want is a dropped audio or video call during an important meeting, so get your Wi-Fi in tip-top shape before you do anything else. Wi-Fi issues usually stem from other members of your household fighting you for bandwidth. Anytime someone else starts downloading a movie, for example, the quality of your office Wi-Fi is compromised. To work remotely, a high-quality, business-grade router and access points mitigate communications hiccups by prioritizing the biggest slice of the bandwidth pie to your office.

Utilize Videoconferencing to Work Remotely

There’s nothing more effective than communicating face-to-face when doing business with colleagues and customers. Videoconferencing systems can turn the screen of your PC into a video portal, but for the best experience, Starry recommends a larger standalone display. You can break away from your desk and participate as you would in a traditional office—at a more comfortable conference room chair, which at home might be a couch in the corner of your office. Brilliant AV can mount a high-definition display with an integrated microphone and camera in the perfect position and link it to Zoom videoconferencing software running on your computer. From your dedicated “meeting space,” you can also use your Zoom-enabled laptop for mobile screen sharing. 

Implement Noise Control & Office Acoustics

Brilliant AV will strategically apply aesthetically pleasing acoustical treatments to the ceiling and walls of your office to combat distracting echo and reverberations. You’ll be able to concentrate better, maintain a high level of productivity, feel more comfortable, and conduct audio and video conferences like a pro when you work remotely.

Maintain Control Over the Office Environment

Just as noise can impact your workflow, so can poor lighting, uncomfortable temperature, and deliveries at your front door. It’s a good thing you have your smartphone nearby. Loaded with a single control app, your phone becomes the command station of your house, allowing you to control the brightness levels of your office light fixtures, adjust the settings of a smart thermostat, and access the video doorbell mounted to the front door. You can brighten the lights during a videoconferencing session, tell the delivery person to leave the package on the welcome mat, and crank up the AC when your office gets stuffy.

All of this might sound hard for the average remote worker, but for Brilliant AV, this is routine work that does not have to break the bank. We’re in and out with minimal disruption and work quickly so that you don’t miss a beat (or a meeting).

Whether you’re interested in sprucing up your current remote office setup or are just embarking on your journey to work remotely, the technology experts at Brilliant AV are here to help. Contact us.