Create a Custom, Scalable Smart System

Are you interested in investing in smart home automation? Smart technology is growing more and more popular among homeowners, and right now is the perfect time to bring innovative solutions to your Laguna Beach, CA living space.

That’s why we recommend a Control4 smart home installation that can add convenience, comfort, and more endless benefits to your everyday routine. In this blog, we’ll dive into what a professional installation from our team of experts entails and how a Control4 system is both customizable and scalable to fit your needs.

Want to learn more? Just keep reading on below.

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Start Big or Small

If you’ve never had any type of home automation installation before, then you might wonder where you should begin with the entire process. The incredible part about bringing in a Control4 system to your home is that you can start with any sizing that best suits you and your preferences.

Sometimes it’s best to begin with a media room, home theater, or bedroom. You can install motorized shades and lighting control at first, and then expand to whole home audio video that distributes your media throughout your property. Control4 provides scalable systems that build upon themselves – so no matter if you start with just one smart feature or fully automate your home, you can always add on or change up your technologies with zero hassle.

You can go from having just smart thermostats and multi-room music to including a complete smart home security system. It’s all up to you.

Total Integration

Operating a Control4 system is a breeze. A professional installation makes sure that all your solutions and equipment are put in properly and work just as smoothly in the long run. Control4 lets you integrate every part of your smart home through one centralized source. You can manage all your smart technologies and features via a smart device of your choice – whether it’s your own smartphone, tablet, or wall panel.

One press of a button, and you can control every smart feature with ease. You can also integrate other smart products like wireless speakers or thermostats into your Control4 system – streamlining every aspect of your smart home together as it should be.

With You Every Step of the Way

When you team up with our expert installers at Brilliant AV, you can expect top-quality services throughout the whole process. We maintain constant communication with everyone on board. And if you have any questions, concerns, or changes you want to be made, we make sure to address every issue and aim to exceed all your expectations.

When you start your home automation journey, it’s best to work with professionals like our team. Want to find out more about a smart home installation and how it can benefit you in every way? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form. We’d love to hear from you!