Jim Coleman

Technology Consultant

Jim Coleman is a Smart Home and business leader.  Jim has two decades of real-world experience connecting people with technology to make their life more fun, more secure, and more enjoyable.  He has worked throughout Orange County and Palm Desert.  In his free time Jim loves to experience adventure.  Having tried his hand at racing and motorized paragliding, Jim now enjoys sailing with his wife Candice.  

(949) 799-2926 Direct

Email: jim.coleman@brilliantav.com

Experience Center Tour

Come to our Experience Center to see, hear, and touch innovative technology to enhance the environments where you live, work, and play.

On-Site Consultation

On-site meeting to review and discuss your specific project needs and technology lifestyle.

Proposal Review

An online or in-person meeting to review your proposal.

Phone/Zoom Meeting

A call or zoom meeting to go over details or discuss specifics about a project.