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Terms & Conditions










Monthly Plan Rate, Per Unique Address $0 $49/mo. $149/mo. $299/mo.
Multi-Site Pricing (All Site Must Be Same Level) NA $49/mo. $139/mo.


Client Service Hours (Telephone/Text)

8am-5pm M-F

Closed SS

7am-6pm M-F

7am-6pm SS

7am-6pm M-F

7am-6pm SS

7am-6pm M-F

7am-6pm SS

Free Virtual Service Visits / 12 Months 0 4 UNLIMITED UNLIMITED
Free On-Site Service Visits / 12 Months 0 1 4 UNLIMITED
Scheduling Priority 4th 3rd 2nd 1st
Same Business Day On-Site Service Commitment (Included in Plan) NO NO NO Best Attempt
Next Business Day On-Site Service Commitment (Included in Plan) NO NO Best Attempt YES

Service Labor Rates/Discounts

(Service Work only, N/A for Installation Labor)

$165 per hr.

0% Discount

$150 per hr.

(10% Off)

$140 per hr.

(15% Off)

$0 per hr.

(100% Off)

Same/Next-Day Urgent Service Fee

$200 +


$200 +


$200 +


$200 +


Virtual Service Minimum Charge ½ Hr. Minimum No Minimum No Minimum No Minimum
On-Site Minimum Charge 1 Hr. Minimum No Minimum No Minimum No Minimum
'Certified Brilliant' Network Security Updates Scheduled Service Req. Included Included Included
Internet Backup System (Requires Certified Brilliant Network) $299 + N/A $50/mo. $50/mo. $50/mo.
Control4 Annual 4Sight License ($99 Value) NO NO Included Included
Billing Terms COD Subscriptions charged in advance, on the 15th of the prior month.  The first month is prorated.  Billable service work is invoiced as needed.
Contract Commitment NA Auto-Renewing Annually - 12 Month Minimum Term
Service Area Orange County, CA Only
Systems Included with Membership

All previous and Brilliant AV installed systems. Non-Brilliant AV installed systems must go through an on-boarding process to be inspected and tested for BrilliantCARE compatibility.

On-Boarding Costs vary.

Cancellation Policy N/A

Cancel at any time. 50% of the remaining 12 Month contract value is due at the time of cancellation in addition to full payment of any open invoices.

Email cancellation requests to:  service@brilliantav.com

3rd Party Services: (Alarm, Signage, Ring, etc.) NONE
NOT INCLUDED in ANY Priority Membership Plan BrilliantCARE is not an extended warranty.  Systems & equipment not included: Heating & A/C systems (excluding Brilliant AV installed Smart Thermostats), Smoke Detectors (excluding Brilliant AV installed detectors);  Pool Equipment & Controls, Garage Door & Gate Openers (excluding Brilliant AV installed control interface), Electrical & Lighting Fixtures (excluding Brilliant AV installed Smart Lighting Controls).  Surveillance video file retrieval, editing, reviewing, & formatting from Video Camera Recorders, even if requested by law enforcement.  Lightbulb replacement.  Household appliances & Personal Computing Devices, i.e. Fireplaces, Refrigerators, Ovens, Printers, Scanners, Gaming Consoles, Personal Computers, Tablets & Smart Phones, etc. The following control systems are NOT covered by the terms of any BrilliantCARE Plan unless otherwise specified during On-boarding process.  Service on these systems are chargeable at the selected plan Service Labor Rate: including but not limited to Crestron, Savant, AMX, URC, RTI, Pro Control, Extron etc.. No service to be performed on Security Alarm Systems NOT installed by Brilliant AV.
Warranty on Brilliant AV Provided Equipment & Labor 1-Year Warranty from date of final invoice applies to all defective equipment including labor to replace and or repair at the discretion of the manufacturer.  After 1-Year Warranty expiration, all labor to diagnose, repair or replace is NOT covered under warranty, regardless of the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s Warranty period. No warranty is provided on the labor to diagnose, repair, or replace client supplied equipment.  Equipment is always covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty.
Warranty on Brilliant AV On-Site Service Labor All Service Labor is warrantied for 30 days after the date the service was performed. If identical issues reappear within the 30-day warranty period, that issue will be readdressed at no additional charge.  New issues are not covered under this Service Labor Warranty. All Software or Firmware updates are excluded from this warranty.