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Home Theater & Audio

Enter the world of movies, games, television shows and concerts without ever leaving home

Home Theater

At Brilliant AV, a Home Theater can be more than just a beautifully decorated, acoustically balanced, dedicated room with a massive video image and tons of bass.  We do a great job of providing that kind of Home Theater but we also know that many homeowners prefer systems that are more integrated into the family living spaces.  Our designers know how to deliver amazing performance while integrating the electronics seamlessly into any kind of room.  No matter what the budget or architectural constraints, Brilliant AV delivers easy to use, great sounding and beautiful looking home theater systems.

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Whole House Audio

Music feeds the soul and can set a mood for any occasion.  Every car comes equipped with a built in stereo as standard equipment so why shouldn’t your home or office be able to provide the same experience?  Be it affordable in-wall/in-ceiling speakers, high fidelity bookshelf speakers, or even a fully wireless speaker system, Brilliant AV has the perfect audio solution for your desired budget and quality level.    We have specialty products that can perfectly match the light trims in your house for an incredibly integrated look or we can install completely invisible speakers behind drywall, wallpaper or even wood veneer.

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Home Automation

Complete control of your enviornment – electronics, lights, climate and more.

Smart Home

From the moment Steve Jobs introduced the first iPad to the world, everything changed.   With these beautiful looking, always connected, super portable controllers in our hands the obvious next questions was, “What cool stuff can we control with this?”  The answer is… EVERYTHING!  Brilliant AV provides automation and control systems that integrate audio, video, lighting, security, blinds, cameras, thermostats, and more.  Our systems are functional, reliable, easy-to-use and are just fun to own.  Many even feature the ability to be operated from outside your home or office.  Every system we install is customized to meet the unique needs and lifestyle of your family or business in order to deliver the absolute best experience possible for our clients.

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Security & Surveillance

Keep a watchful eye on you and your property, increasing security and giving you peace of mind.

Complete Protection Solutions

Whether protecting property, managing access, or simply keeping a watchful eye on the dog when no one is home, Brilliant AV has the right solution for every situation.  We install traditional burglar and fire alarm systems in addition to surveillance solutions that can monitor your home, office or property from anywhere.
Unlike systems of yesteryear that require the user to interact with a beeping panel, our systems offer smart phone integration and text message notifications.  We have solutions for electronic locks, garage door operators, and a myriad of smart sensors to give our clients customized protection solutions for their unique needs.

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Internet, Wifi and Networks

Wi-Fi Served Here

Very few things today are more frustrating than losing your Internet connection.  The Internet isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity and our favorite way to access the Internet is through Wi-Fi.  A typical day may have the kids are doing homework on their laptop in the kitchen while mom is using her smart phone to send pictures to grandma and grandpa, and dad is streaming a show on Netflix.  At Brilliant AV we understand the need for your network to WORK.
In addition to the many devices our client’s use in their environment, the systems we install nearly all require a network connection.  The network must be reliable, fast, and robust.  As part of our professionally delivered services we design and install commercial grade networks with every system that requires it.  Even if you have an existing system, our technicians have the tools and experience to get the most out of your network.

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Offices, Restaurants, Conference Rooms, and Hospitality Suites

From Boardrooms to Dining Rooms

No more elevator music! Our commercial AV systems are hi-rez, hi-fi, fully automated systems for offices, retail stores, and restaurants.  One client may require a boardroom presentation system with integrated audio conferencing connected with Go to Meeting or Skype, while another only needs a large flat panel display with a wireless video transmission system for their laptop.  Most restaurants use background music
Digital signage, conference audio and video systems, background music, access control, surveillance, lighting controls, and automated shades all make their way into the modern commercial environment.  Often, IT departments are tasked with becoming experts with these technologies but companies quickly determine that professionals are required to deliver the best possible experience.
Brilliant AV is that professional!

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Company History

Brilliant AV’s genesis dates all the way back to the mid-1980’s.  At that time Jim Walin (Matt’s Father) and Paul Stary (Steve’s Father) were strategic partners engaged in the design, custom assembly, and installation of home stereo systems.  Their work as pioneers in this industry set the stage for Matt and Steve to literally “grow up” in this business.

Both Matt and Steve joined their father’s companies and learned the ropes from the bottom up.  In 1995, Paul and Steve’s company, Stary Technologies won the bid to wire a new home project in Newport Beach called “The Castaways.”  This was a significant project because it was the first of it’s kind – a 120 unit semi-custom tract of million dollar homes.    Matt Walin joined StaryTech as Operations Manager to bring his experience and skills to bear and provide the needed leadership the growing company required.  During that season of business they wired, installed, and serviced over 500 new homes in the Greater Orange County area in addition to several dozen estates and custom homes.

In 2005 Matt made his solo debut by forming Matt’s Technical Services. Steve took StaryTech back to its roots in exclusively serving estates and custom homes.  Matt’s Tech was an effort to get back to basics and get ultra close to the customer which proved to be a highly successful model.  Matt continued to build his client base until incorporating as The Walin Group, Inc. in 2011.

In early 2014, Matt and Steve began discussing what they thought success would look like in the future as technology improves and the market grows.  Both agreed that more customer’s would need to be served, high quality employees would need to be hired, and marketing efforts would need to be launched to maintain success.  Both at their physical limits and constrained by time, the merger of The Walin Group and Stary Technologies made perfect sense.  The employees for The Walin Group were nearly all former key employees from the early days at StaryTech and the current employees at StaryTech represented a talented group of up-and-coming stars.

Brilliant AV was launched as a new brand to represent the dedication to excellence in service and skill that the new combined companies embody.  Under Matt Walin’s leadership, Brilliant AV strives to retain all of the best parts from every season of our rich history.  Staying ultra-close to the customer, using the best products and brands, delivering technical excellence, and being willing to take on whatever our client’s need gives Brilliant AV a decided edge over our competition. The goal remains the same as it has from the beginning, to deliver the best possible results and an amazing customer experience along the way.  Brilliant AV retains a close-knit family atmosphere and an environment for personal and professional growth for our employees.  Happy, proud, and talented employees deliver great results for our customers!


“Our customers deserve excellence” – Matt Walin

“Knowledge is necessary, experience is essential, but wisdom is what brings it all together” – Steve Stary


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Matt Walin has been involved with the Home Electronics business for over 30 years thanks to his father’s alarm business started in the 80’s.  Matt learned at a young age not only how to wire, install, and program electronic systems but more importantly how to serve the client.  Having always worked with high end residential and commercial clientele, Matt has lived out his personal motto of excellence in service and skill.   In 1998, Matt joined Stary Technologies as a Lead Technician but within a few months was named Operations Manager and quickly thereafter Vice President.   Matt’s leadership and management skills were instrumental in the growth and success of StaryTech and his participation lasted until 2007 when Matt struck out into his own entrepreneurial venture, The Walin Group.  Fast forward another 7 years and in 2014 The Walin Group merged operations with Stary Technologies in order to form Brilliant AV.   Matt leads Brilliant AV as the CEO and President with a hand in every aspect of the client experience.   Dedicated to Excellence in Service and Skill is the way Matt lives out every day and is the standard to which he holds every transaction at Brilliant AV.

Matt is married and has a teenaged son.  As passionate as Matt is about his company, his true passion is for creating and playing music.  Matt has a studio in LA to which he regularly retreats to write, record, and rehearse his own brand of music – a sultry combination of rock, folk, and blues that attempts to tell the the truth about life though powerful lyrics and captivating rhythms and melodies.

Contact Matt:  matt@brilliantav.com  or (714) 920-0119 cell


Steve has literally grown up around consumer electronics and technology.  As a second generation entrepreneur, Steve was trained from a young age that problems are just solutions that haven’t been found yet.  Steve’s first business venture was launched at the age of 16 in the computer graphic arts and desktop publishing industry.  At 22, Steve and his father Paul launched a dedicated “smart home” company which later merged with Paul’s home theater business to become Stary Technologies, Inc.  Due to this rich history, Steve possesses a unique blend of technical expertise, business experience and creative talent.  In his off time, Steve is dedicated to his wife and two teenaged children and his faith in Jesus Christ.  Steve attends The Crossing Church in Costa Mesa where he is involved with volunteer leadership.  He serves on the board of directors for Business LIFE Ministry as well as the Newport Harbor High School Drama Foundation.

Steve is a recognized leader in the home systems integration industry by his peers and manufacturers alike.  Steve is a CEDIA Certified Professional Designer (CCPD) and Licensed California Electrical (C-10) Contractor.   His manufacturer certifications include Lutron Homeworks, RadioRA & Shades, Control4, and Crestron.  Steve is a graduate of Management Action Programs and has applied these skills to create one of the most respected firms of its kind in Orange County.  Steve  is a highly regarded authority on lighting design, lighting controls, electronic systems architecture, user interface design, computer systems, and business management.

Contact Steve: steve@brilliantav.com or (714) 412-5960 cell


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