Your Smart Home Is Better Than Ever with Control4 OS 3

A New Way to Enjoy Simplicity 

Smart homes are simple. That’s the basic idea anyway: a lot of complicated technology systems simplified by integrating with a single, intuitive interface. Control4 has been a leader in making your technology easy to use for years. And recently, they unveiled the newest way to interact with your automation system: Control4 OS 3. Thanks to an overhauled interface that’s more fluid and user-friendly than ever before, greater personalization, and changeable location views, you can get more out of your Costa Mesa Control4 system right now. Want to learn more? Keep reading. 

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Your Home: At a Glance 

With OS 3, you can now view your system any way you’d like. Whether you only want to see the lights that are on, or you want a quick overview of every connected device, the Control4 interface can quickly adjust to get you the information you need. 

You can even add multiple devices from across your entire home into a single screen. Want to see your security system and nothing else? Customize an interface that works for you with easy-to-understand icons for each digital button. 

Plus, the new “Favorites” feature allows you to put all of your most-used controls onto a single page. If you always turn on Spotify as soon as you get home, or want to turn the lights on upstairs before you go to bed, you can do it quickly and easily from your favorites page. 

And don’t forget — you can customize the look of your device as well. Enjoy a library of wallpaper looks curated from world-renowned interior designers, or choose a photo from your personal library and decorate your interface any way you see fit. With OS 3, the choice is up to you!    

Entertainment: Enhanced 

Control4 has also completely overhauled your home entertainment. Thanks to the new “Sessions” interface, you can enjoy more visible artwork, an active media bar on the new “Now Playing” screen, and user-friendly controls that allow you to adjust volume, skip tracks, and view the audio quality in one or multiple rooms. 

OS 3 also offers Tidal Masters as a native music streaming platform. That means you can listen to Tidal’s vast library of MQA tracks with ease. You can also still enjoy other popular services like Spotify and Netflix to round out your entertainment needs. 

Additionally, you can control everything via your TV thanks to the system’s on-screen menu, easily navigated with a Control4 handheld remote. 

And don’t forget, the Control4 OS 3 app is available in the App Store and on Google Play. 

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