Step 1 - Make Request

Service Request Form

Reason for Contacting Us

What Kind of Issues?

Smartphone Type

Type of Help Required

Step 2 - Download Software

What to Expect During the Call

In order to engage with our technician, you will need to have an iOS or Android Smartphone available.  Please confirm that you have the following things installed and ready for the appointment.


  • All Apps for your Smarthome installed and logged in on your phone
  • Be certain you are connected to your home’s WiFi system. (Unless your WiFi is down).
  • Be prepared to turn on your smartphone’s camera so the technician can see your system.  It is likely that you will be interacting with the technician over two-way video.

Software Downloads



Step 3 - Engage with your Technician

Start with a Phone Call

Our technician will call you to explain the process and check-in prior to starting the engagement. He will lead you through the process of connecting for the Virtual Service Call.

Virtual Service Call Engagement

Once connected in our collaboration software, the technician will provide clear instructions on what to do every step of the way.  He may also be working on the back end of your technology systems so your patience is appreciated.