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Upgrade Your Conference Rooms

Upgrade Your Conference Rooms

Modern Videoconference Systems Make it Easy To Collaborate

Not so many years ago, video conferencing could be an expensive and frustrating tool. Connections would fail, audio would pause and drop out, and video feeds would freeze and stutter. The memory of such experiences still keeps some people from using video conferencing for meetings and collaboration, relying on tried and true methods like emails, file sharing, and the good old telephone.

The truth is that video conferencing has changed radically in the past few years. The confluence of high-speed broadband Internet, improved cameras, microphones, and video streaming protocols, and big strides in computing power has brought easy video conferencing to any smart device. Anyone with a modern laptop or smartphone can use video conferencing with high-quality video, audio, screen sharing, and other rich capabilities for collaboration.

But what about when people gather in a conference room for a meeting with another remote group? How about when remote team members are joining in from elsewhere? How do you take advantage of this new technology for groups?

The good news is that the new systems – like the popular Zoom web conferencing – also integrate well into conference room settings. In this blog, we’ll cover some of the main features of new conferencing and collaboration systems. You’ll see why now is a great time to automate your Irvine conference rooms with the latest in video and web conferencing technology.

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Zoom Web Conferencing

Zoom is one of the latest web conferencing and collaboration systems. More than an application, it’s a collaboration platform that lets you hold video and audio calls, share files, screens, and other information, and do so with an intuitive interface that’s easy for anyone to use. It’s also a flexible software platform that can be used with both standard PC and mobile hardware and a variety of cameras, microphones, and displays.

High Definition Video and Audio

Zoom’s platform scales from a handful of video participants to many. The power of cloud technology has made it easy to host video meetings with a large number of participants. Zoom can provide crystal clear video, audio, chat, screen sharing, and more with a robust Internet connection. If you already have a legacy video conferencing system such as Cisco, Polycom, or Lifesize, Zoom has interoperability with protocols like SIP and H.323, the standards typically used by those systems so that you can take advantage of existing equipment. A wide variety of cameras from Aver, Polycom, Huddlecam, and more can be integrated into a Zoom conference room system. Similarly, a wide array of microphones can be used – such as those from Phoenix Audio Technologies – to ensure everyone in the room is clearly heard.

Wireless Content Sharing

Now that many different devices like smartphones and tablets are regularly being used in business, the standard VGA or HDMI cable just doesn’t cut it for connecting a device to a conference room projector or video display. Wireless sharing is much easier and is something that Zoom makes easy to do from practically any device. A presentation can be shared from an iPad wirelessly, shown on the conference room display, and also simultaneously be seen by all remote participants on their devices.

Calendar Integration and Scheduling

If you have a meeting, the easiest way to communicate it is to schedule it via standard tools like Microsoft Outlook or Google calendar and include information as to how to connect to the Zoom conference. Zoom integrates with these calendars but also take that capability a few steps further for Zoom-equipped conference rooms. The Zoom Rooms scheduling display software can turn any iPad into an elegant touchscreen that you can mount outside any meeting room, allowing viewing of free and busy times for a Zoom equipped conference room, and reserving it on the spot. Zoom Rooms software also provides a centralized view of meeting room usage.

Other Features and Options

The new collaboration platforms also offer other unique features as well. Conference room displays can be turned into digital signage to convey relevant information and announcements widely, all centrally managed through Zoom software.

Perhaps you have been using another video conferencing solution like GoToMeeting?  GoToMeeting is another proven solution, and it too has ways to link conference rooms with their InRoom Link software. Bundled software and hardware solutions like GoToConference can also turn any meeting room into a videoconference-capable setup.

Let us show you how to automate your Irvine conference rooms for more efficient collaboration and productivity. Contact us or click the button below to chat with one of our professionals today.