Ubiquiti Makes Your Network Accessible Anywhere on Your Property

A Home Wi-Fi Installation Means a Consistent Connection at All Times

Are you ever watching a movie in the basement, when it suddenly stops, and you see a buffering symbol for what feels like ages? Or maybe a family member is across the house, upstairs, trying to access the internet on a laptop – only to have a page take endless minutes to load. With so many smart devices in the home, this is what a weak network connection delivers to you and your family: slow-moving internet and technology, and ultimately, a lagging smart home.

That’s why a home Wi-Fi installation is a must in your Newport Beach, CA property. We recommend Ubiquiti’s UniFi system setup that brings a strong connection to every part of your home. Want to find out more about this networking solution? Keep reading below.

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Low-Profile Access Points

Your Wi-Fi is only as good as how far it reaches. There’s nothing worse than walking into a dead spot while watching a video on your phone, trying to look something up on your computer, or listening to music from a streaming service. You want full coverage you can rely on any day, anywhere in your home.

For Wi-Fi that reaches every corner of your property, you’ll need installed access points. UniFi access points provide dependable service while not impacting your interiors and aesthetics in any way. With a low-profile design and ceiling mounts, these access points seamlessly integrate into your ceilings with zero hassle. Their installation is quick, and once they’re in place – you’ll hardly notice them.

Smallest Sizing Available

The UniFi nanoHD is the smallest access point Ubiquiti offers on the market. It’s more than 30% smaller than their UAP AC Pro version. This sizing makes installation easier than ever for any part of your home – from bedrooms and the kitchen to the media room and hallways. For outdoor applications on your patio or in other parts of your backyard, the UAP AC Pro or UAP HD are more suitable options. There’s an access point for every area of your home; you’ll never be without a solid connection to play music on outdoor speakers or start a movie in your home theater.

Customizable Appearance

Not only are your access points low-profile and installed flush against the ceiling, but you can also add a custom skin for them that can help them completely disappear against their background. Options include marble, matte black, concrete, wood, fabric, and camo. No matter where you have an access point installed by our team, you won’t see their presence, and you can mask them entirely with a skin of your choice.

Easily Manageable

Managing your Wi-Fi shouldn’t be complicated. Ubiquiti ensures that you have centralized control from any smart device you wish to use and view your interface on. Their user-friendly interface allows you to manage everything from one centralized source – check in on real-time data collection, view RF mapping, see how the system’s advanced security is maintaining your network, and much more.

Want to find out more about a Wi-Fi installation from Ubiquiti, and how it can benefit your entire home? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!