Top 3 Benefits of a Home Lighting Control System for Your Space

Add Convenience and Comfort to Your Everyday Life

Imagine simply pressing a button and instantly brightening up your entire Newport Beach, CA, living space with gorgeous lighting fixtures and displays. When you bring a smart home lighting control system to your property, you’re going above and beyond just a standard lighting setup.

But what are the exact benefits of an intelligent lighting solution? How can it elevate your home and everyday routine? In this blog, we dive into the top-notch features of a smart lighting system and what they can do for you on the daily.

Want to learn more? Just keep reading on below.

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Bring Efficiency to Your Space

Walking from one room to the next to shut off lamps and lights can get tiring. Not to mention, you’re more likely to forget a fixture and leave it on all night or while you’re out of the house.

Now you can reduce the amount of energy you use, and centralize control of your whole lighting system, right from your own smart device. Using your smartphone, tablet, or wall keypad, you can operate every lighting fixture throughout your property.

And to make it even easier for you, you can set up “scenes” that handle your everyday operations. Lights can slowly turn on in your bedroom when your alarm goes off or when the sun comes up. Then your hallway kitchen lights can brighten as you make your way downstairs and ready to start the day. Lights can turn on when you arrive home from work, dim at dinner time, and slowly turn off as you get ready to go to sleep.

Ensuring any unused lights stay off will keep your energy usage down, and your monthly bills lowered as well. You can check in on your system before bed, make sure your landscape lighting is on, and turn off every light in your home with just a single button-press. Installed motion/occupancy sensors in your rooms will detect when the last person in the space has left. Then they’ll tell your system to turn off the lights to keep them from staying on in an empty area.

Strengthen Your Home Security

Did you know home lighting control can also give your smart home security a boost? When you incorporate landscape and outdoor lighting, you can keep your yard and property safer than ever.

Schedule your lighting to turn on when the sun begins to set so that your yard continually stays illuminated and steers any intruders from approaching. Installed motion sensors outside can also alert your lights to flood an area when they detect movement. This will keep unwanted guests away and will also make your captured smart video surveillance footage easier to view.

Going away on a vacation or just for the weekend? With your system set to “Away,” your lighting will turn on and off throughout the day, mimicking your regular routine and making your home look occupied. This will keep burglars from targeting your property, so you’ll return to a well-protected home.

Create Ambiance and Add Style

Lighting has a unique way of livening up your whole living space. You can give personal items, valuables, and antiques their moment to shine with a delicate spotlight highlighting them when you have guests over.

Brighten up a room or area with a press of a button, or dim the lights at dinner or in a sitting room to create ambiance and set up an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and at home. You can customize your system to make any space more aesthetically pleasing.

Plus, with stylish wall keypads and switches, you can add your system without disrupting your existing décor; they’ll blend in seamlessly.

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