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Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint and Save on Energy Bills

Going green may seem like a trendy strategy for businesses lately, but there are many advantages to being energy efficient. Customers and clients respond well to environmentally-conscience companies and feel good about spending money with them. Moreover, by reducing waste, your business will save on energy bills, operate more efficiently, and make employees feel good about where they work. But going green is more than putting a recycling bin in the kitchen and printing on double-sided paper. With boardroom automation, smart technology will help your Huntington Beach, CA office reduce its carbon footprint and save on energy bills. To learn how boardroom automation can increase your office’s energy efficiency, continue reading below!

Modern Videoconference Systems Make it Easy To Collaborate

Not so many years ago, video conferencing could be an expensive and frustrating tool. Connections would fail, audio would pause and drop out, and video feeds would freeze and stutter. The memory of such experiences still keeps some people from using video conferencing for meetings and collaboration, relying on tried and true methods like emails, file sharing, and the good old telephone.