A Home Wi-Fi Installation Means a Consistent Connection at All Times

Are you ever watching a movie in the basement, when it suddenly stops, and you see a buffering symbol for what feels like ages? Or maybe a family member is across the house, upstairs, trying to access the internet on a laptop – only to have a page take endless minutes to load. With so many smart devices in the home, this is what a weak network connection delivers to you and your family: slow-moving internet and technology, and ultimately, a lagging smart home. That’s why a home Wi-Fi installation is a must in your Newport Beach, CA property. We recommend Ubiquiti's UniFi system setup that brings a strong connection to every part of your home. Want to find out more about this networking solution? Keep reading below.

Create a Custom, Scalable Smart System

Are you interested in investing in smart home automation? Smart technology is growing more and more popular among homeowners, and right now is the perfect time to bring innovative solutions to your Laguna Beach, CA living space. That’s why we recommend a Control4 smart home installation that can add convenience, comfort, and more endless benefits to your everyday routine. In this blog, we’ll dive into what a professional installation from our team of experts entails and how a Control4 system is both customizable and scalable to fit your needs. Want to learn more? Just keep reading on below.

Bring Your Favorite Audio and Media to Your Backyard and Patio

As summer transitions into fall, it’s the perfect time to make more memories outside in your backyard and patio with family and friends. You don’t have to keep your entertainment indoors either; you can bring your media and music to all your outdoor spaces. With top-notch outdoor speakers from Sonance, you can turn on your favorite tunes with the press of a button and high-end audio will reach every corner of your Newport Beach, CA property. In this blog, we’ll dive into the Sonance’s Landscape Speaker Series for your yard and highlight its best features and characteristics. Want to find out more? Just keep reading on below.

Add Convenience and Comfort to Your Everyday Life

Imagine simply pressing a button and instantly brightening up your entire Newport Beach, CA, living space with gorgeous lighting fixtures and displays. When you bring a smart home lighting control system to your property, you’re going above and beyond just a standard lighting setup. But what are the exact benefits of an intelligent lighting solution? How can it elevate your home and everyday routine? In this blog, we dive into the top-notch features of a smart lighting system and what they can do for you on the daily. Want to learn more? Just keep reading on below.

A New Way to Enjoy Simplicity 

Smart homes are simple. That’s the basic idea anyway: a lot of complicated technology systems simplified by integrating with a single, intuitive interface. Control4 has been a leader in making your technology easy to use for years. And recently, they unveiled the newest way to interact with your automation system: Control4 OS 3. Thanks to an overhauled interface that’s more fluid and user-friendly than ever before, greater personalization, and changeable location views, you can get more out of your Costa Mesa Control4 system right now. Want to learn more? Keep reading. 

Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint and Save on Energy Bills

Going green may seem like a trendy strategy for businesses lately, but there are many advantages to being energy efficient. Customers and clients respond well to environmentally-conscience companies and feel good about spending money with them. Moreover, by reducing waste, your business will save on energy bills, operate more efficiently, and make employees feel good about where they work. But going green is more than putting a recycling bin in the kitchen and printing on double-sided paper. With boardroom automation, smart technology will help your Huntington Beach, CA office reduce its carbon footprint and save on energy bills. To learn how boardroom automation can increase your office’s energy efficiency, continue reading below!

Traditional Surveillance or Smart Home Security?

If you’re thinking about adding cameras to your Newport Beach, CA property, you may have noticed a range of options available to you. You can invest in a traditional, 24/7 home surveillance installation or you can build a home security system featuring integrated smart cameras. Both options help protect your home but which one is right for you? In this blog, we’ll explain the differences between the two systems, and what you need to consider before investing in one for your property. Keep reading for more.