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Make Your Office More Energy Efficient with Commercial Automation

Make Your Office More Energy Efficient with Commercial Automation

Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint and Save on Energy Bills

Going green may seem like a trendy strategy for businesses lately, but there are many advantages to being energy efficient. Customers and clients respond well to environmentally-conscience companies and feel good about spending money with them. Moreover, by reducing waste, your business will save on energy bills, operate more efficiently, and make employees feel good about where they work.

But going green is more than putting a recycling bin in the kitchen and printing on double-sided paper. With boardroom automation, smart technology will help your Huntington Beach, CA office reduce its carbon footprint and save on energy bills. To learn how boardroom automation can increase your office’s energy efficiency, continue reading below!

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Smart Lighting and Sensors

One of the worst culprits of energy waste is your office’s lighting system. We often leave every room lit all day long, even when no one is using the space. With smart lighting motion sensors, your office lights will shut off after long periods of inactivity and turn back on once someone walks by. This will reduce your electricity bill significantly, allowing you to spend elsewhere.

Plus, with a commercial automated system, you can set a scheduled timer for lights to turn on in the morning for the start of the day and turn off automatically by nighttime. That way, lights won’t accidentally be left on, and you’ll cut back on energy use.


Climate Control

Keeping your office at a comfortable temperature is essential, but it can use a lot of energy. With smart thermostat technology, you can personalize comfort settings to activate on a schedule, so your staff won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off when the last person leaves for the day. If the thermostat is left on, easily turn it off from any location on your touch screen, or by voice command as you exit the office.


Energy Management

With boardroom automation, you can connect your new smart thermostat to the rest of your technology, managing all energy use collectively. Press “Goodbye” on your smartphone and the office’s motorized shades will automatically lower as the thermostat, TV screens, and audio turns off. You can integrate your existing HVAC, forced air, and geothermal settings into the same system. With this information on your tablet or phone, you’ll know when the office uses energy and strategize how to improve.


To ensure your automated system is always running smoothly, consider our support membership plans to help your business all year long. If you run into any issues with your network, smart devices, internet or lighting control, we’ll be there to help.


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