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Love Your Music Inside and Outside

Love your music indoors or outdoors

Love Your Music Inside and Outside

Whole Home Audio Systems Let The Music Flow Everywhere

You love music. Driving to dinner in Newport Beach along Pacific Coast Highway or cruising around downtown Huntington Beach, you always have something playing to accompany the amazing view.  When you get home, you like to hear your music in every room.

There are several ways to get music in every room, but you want high-quality audio.  After all, if you love music, you want equipment that immerses you in it.

And since we’re blessed with incredible weather in Orange County – having our music outside is essential.  If you truly love music, you want a whole home audio system – one that delivers high-quality sound from a variety of music sources. Read on to learn more about professionally installed whole home audio.

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Music Inside

While you want pristine sound, you don’t necessarily want speakers visible in your carefully conceived décor.  Ideally, you want built-in architectural speakers in every room where you want to listen.  This means running wires in ceilings and walls to connect the speakers.

Our partner Sonance is a pioneer in built-in speakers. The company offers a wide range of models that are suitable for applications like background listening all the way up to high-end home theaters – and weatherproof outdoor models too.  Their line includes in-wall subwoofers for that extra bass punch, as well as amplifiers built to power multiple speaker sets across a home.

What about getting music to those speakers?  Sonos is a longtime leader in wireless speakers and whole home audio. Their products are flexible, affordable, and easy to use. Sonos Connect is a good match for a Sonance built-in speaker system.  The Connect component can connect to any amplifier that powers the Sonance speakers, and brings Sono’s unified access to music sources like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and iTunes libraries to every room.

The Sonos smartphone control app makes it easy to direct one source of music everywhere or specific music to certain rooms. If you have rooms where running wires is a difficult proposition, Sonos’ line of wireless speakers can fill the void.  They employ a proprietary mesh network that runs over your home’s Wi-Fi system to deliver quality sound wirelessly. Some of the wireless models can be paired together for a true stereo image, to deliver a wider sound field. Some Sonos models even employ room correction technology – similar to that in AV receivers – to tailor the sound to the acoustics of a room.


Music Outside

You can get high-quality audio outdoors too.  Sonance’s Landscape Series is a great way to blanket your outdoor space with great sound.  The line includes speakers that can be hidden in gardens, speakers that look like rocks, as well as subwoofers that can be buried out of sight.  Naturally, the housings and electronics in these speakers are highly resistant to temperature and humidity extremes.

The Sonos system can seamlessly include outdoor zones, which can operate just like indoor ones.  All it takes is the right combination of Sonos Connect with amplifiers that power the speakers – something our audio experts will design and install for your home.

Are you ready for whole home audio with unlimited music?  Contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team.  We’d love to hear from you!