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How to Defeat Walls in Your Home Wireless Network

How to Defeat Walls in Your Home Wireless Network

Walls Are the Enemy of Your Wireless Signal 

If you are reading this on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, you are dependent on your Wi-Fi network. You know how frustrated you are when a web page is loading slowly, or your streaming music is skipping, or your Netflix show starts freezing or showing you the dreaded “loading” message. If you have smart home control features, you are likely very intolerant of delays or unresponsiveness when you want a set of lights to turn on or your AV equipment to go to the right inputs and settings.  

Let’s face it; we are almost entirely dependent on our home networks for essentials like communication and security monitoring, and perhaps not as critical but much-needed entertainment. With some exceptions, most of our devices now communicate wirelessly, whether it’s a security camera or a video streamer like a Roku. Unlike wired networking, wireless performance can vary significantly as you move around your house or depending on the configuration of your network. 

At Brilliant AV, we think of designing home networks the same way we think of doing commercial installations. We use professional grade equipment, but even more importantly, we approach the design so that performance is not compromised by walls, your home’s construction, and other factors. 

So what did we mean by saying that walls are the enemy of your home’s wireless network in Costa Mesa? Read on to learn more.  

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A Veritable Faraday Cage 

A Faraday cage is a metal enclosure designed to block electromagnetic fields. They have their uses in a number of applications, from protecting amplifiers from electronic interference to protecting places from electronic eavesdropping. Where you don’t want one is in your home unless you don’t want your Wi-Fi network to work. 

Did you know that walls can act as significant interference for networks? Despite all the advances in network speeds and throughput, wireless networks rely on electromagnetic waves in the air to travel unhindered. As speeds have gotten faster, the wavelengths have gotten shorter, resulting in less ability to penetrate obstacles. That’s why your 2.4ghz signals can go farther than 5ghz network signals – the waves travel better through walls. Your walls have lots of things that can affect signal – pipes, wiring, insulation, plaster, wood, steel, and more depending on your home’s construction.  

What’s the Solution? 

There is no need to knock down all the walls to get your network to work. There are a variety of approaches to extending strong wireless networking performance throughout your property. With our indoor-outdoor lifestyle in Southern California, we should not forget outside spaces either. 

For maximum wireless performance, Brilliant AV suggests using wireless access points in almost every large room and outdoor space in your home. Not just any access points, but also those that can deliver the network throughput and speed that rivals a wired connection. Those access points are ideally installed in high locations and wired back to your home’s router. This is one way to minimize the effect of walls on your network. Another method is employing a mesh network, where each node in the system acts as a relay and shortens the signal paths from a connected device to the router, minimizing the number of walls to traverse.  

One Size Doesn’t Fit All 

Internet service providers (ISP) often provide networking equipment with their service. Most ISPs use lowest common denominator equipment that is not high performance. Most ISPs also don’t analyze your home’s layout and customize a network to give you optimal performance wherever you want it. Brilliant AV does that, and we have service and support plans to ensure that your network continues to operate at peak performance. We won’t let walls defeat your network. 

Make sure your Costa Mesa home wireless network is ready for all your needs now and into the future.   Contact us or click the button below to chat with one of our professionals today.