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At Brilliant AV, a home theater installation can be more than just a beautifully decorated, acoustically balanced, dedicated room with a massive video image and tons of bass. We do a great job of providing that kind of home theater but we also know that many Newport Beach, CA homeowners prefer systems that are more integrated into the family living spaces. Our designers know how to deliver amazing performance while integrating the electronics seamlessly into any kind of room.  No matter what the budget or architectural constraints, Brilliant AV delivers easy to use, great sounding and beautiful looking home theater systems.

Whole House Audio

Music feeds the soul and can set a mood for any occasion. Every car comes equipped with a built-in stereo as standard equipment so why shouldn’t your Huntington Beach, CA home or office be able to provide the same experience? Be it affordable in-wall/in-ceiling speakers, high fidelity bookshelf speakers, or even a fully wireless speaker system, Brilliant AV has the perfect whole house audio solution for your desired budget and quality level. We have specialty products that can perfectly match the light trims in your house for an incredibly integrated look or we can install completely invisible speakers behind drywall, wallpaper or even wood veneer.

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