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Don’t Get A Regular Security System

Don’t Get A Regular Security System

Why You Need a Smarter Security System

Security systems have been around for a long time. At their most basic levels, they provided some amount of peace of mind that something is monitoring your house when you’re away. Security was accomplished by sensors attached to windows and doors, and a control system that could be armed and disarmed. When armed, the system could notify a monitoring center about a door or window that has been opened (or broken) when it wasn’t expected.

We are all likely familiar with these. Let’s say these systems were not very smart. After all, they could be fairly cryptic. Sometimes they might illuminate a light on a panel that corresponded to a door. If you had multiple outside doors in a large house, you would need a cheat sheet to know which one. Typically not something you have on you when the monitoring company calls you to say the number 6 door has been opened with the system armed.

Thanks to today’s electronics, smart sensors, software, and cloud connectivity, current security systems have graduate degrees compared to yesterday’s elementary-educated products. Let’s look at some of the ways that smart security systems are so much more useful while offering intelligent protection for your Costa Mesa property.

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Everyday Security and Peace of Mind

The typical security system was designed to protect against the unexpected, like a fire or a break-in. And then, about all it could do was trigger an alarm and a call to a monitoring company.

New technology allows for far more useful security that gives you greater peace of mind. A video doorbell can give you a view of who’s knocking at your front door – and allow you to talk to the visitor remotely if it’s someone you don’t recognize. If the video feed shows that it’s your friend that you were expecting, a smart lock will allow you to let her while you’re in back by the pool in with a button press on a touch panel or your smartphone.

With smart security cameras, you can know when your kids are home, or see if your cat knocked over the vase on a counter. Unlike yesterday’s security systems, you have complete information about what’s happening and if you need to act.

Proactive Security

Aside from protecting against emergencies, you want a system that can alert you to situations that can become problems if not addressed quickly. A water sensor that detects a leak can trigger a command to turn off the water at the source to prevent a minor leak from becoming an expensive flood. If you left your garage door open at bedtime, you could be alerted, or it can be programmed to close automatically. If a carbon monoxide leak is detected, the HVAC system’s smart thermostat can shut the system down to not spread the gas.

Practicality and Ease of Use

Going back to the typical not-so-smart alarm systems, you may remember that a beep and a countdown would start when you either armed and disarmed the system, giving you some short period of time to enter the code. Forget the rush to make sure you don’t accidentally set off the alarm and get a call from the monitoring company. For example, Brilliant AV installs Qolsys security systems (as part of our smart home solution) that can be automatically armed and disarmed when you arrive or leave your home. It’s all done through Bluetooth connectivity on your phone. Should you want to do it manually, an app on your smartphone can serve as the remote control so that you can arm and disarm your system remotely for a service call or other situation.

With smart locks, you can have real-time status and control over all your entryways. An app on your smartphone can tell you of any door that isn’t locked or shut – including your garage – and secure them with just a touch.

Reliability and Resilience

Many old security systems could be easily defeated because they relied on landlines. An intruder could go to where the control box is outside your house and cut the wires, disabling the monitoring. Today’s systems connect through the cell phone network, which allows for a wireless data connection that can continuously monitor your property.
To add more smart capabilities, our systems can be connected to, which offers comprehensive

Monitoring and management powered by modern cloud computing technology. Through you could get system status, arm and disarm a system, view security camera video feeds, control smart locks, and much more, in a seamless system that is a holistic approach to putting you in control of your home.

Let us show you how smart security technology will let you sleep easier at night, at home or away. Contact us or click the button below to chat with one of our security