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Does Your Smart Technology Sometimes Fail?

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Does Your Smart Technology Sometimes Fail?

Your Home Network May Be the Culprit


We live in a connected world. We depend on devices like our smartphones, computers, and TVs to go about our daily lives.  And there are many more smart devices – most of their smarts coming from their connection to the Internet – on which we increasingly rely.  These are devices like smart cameras, smart lights, smart locks, and connected speakers.

All these devices have at least one thing in common – they connect with other devices and connect with applications over the Internet. In some cases, some of those devices don’t do anything without an Internet connection.  Ask Alexa a question over your Amazon Echo speaker when there is no Internet, and you will get a polite reply to try again later.

With this common dependency on a reliable network and the rapid increase in the number of attached devices and data traffic, standard home networks are unable to deliver performance that users desire. Inevitably, disappointment follows.


If you own a “smart” device, you want it to work all the time. When it doesn’t – or it has mysterious intermittent problems – perhaps your network is to blame.


The best way to guarantee your devices work as intended is to get a Certified Brilliant home network solution. Read on to see why you should trust your Costa Mesa home’s network to a professional like Brilliant AV.


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Are You Using Equipment From Your ISP?

Most Internet service providers (ISPs) bundle low cost, low quality equipment with their service, providing a modem which connects to the network and a router to handle your home’s wired and wireless access.  Often this device is a combination device combining the modem/router/wifi unit compromising quality for each function.  Problems arise with a one-size-fits-all solution when considering where the equipment is installed, how many devices are connected, and the size of the property itself.

For wireless access, that router might work well in a 1500-square foot home but may struggle to provide a strong signal in a 5000-square foot home.  A basic router might work fine for “normal” network traffic but perhaps might not keep pace with multiple 4K video streams and gaming over the Internet.  Some routers might not provide the latest wireless speeds that can provide the type of performance you come to expect.  Walls and construction can also affect wireless performance, even when a device is 10 feet away from a router.  Sometimes your device may indicate that you are getting a strong signal, but the quality of that signal may not be very good, leading to disappointing performance.

Routers and networking gear are for all practical purposes special-purpose computers.  There is a difference in the quality of hardware, in much the same way that there are significant differences between a Chromebook and a MacBook Pro laptop.  Then there’s also the question of the software or firmware in these devices, some of which get continuously updated for bugs and security flaws – and some don’t.


High-Performance Networking

You want all your devices to just work, all the time.  You want your videos to start streaming quickly.  You want a file that you download for work to happen instantaneously.  If you connect to your security camera while you are away from home, you want to see the video feed right away.

For that, you may need a higher grade of equipment.  Our Certified Brilliant Wi-Fi solution is based on Ubiquiti products, which are proven products that enable us to guarantee top performance and Wi-Fi network coverage for our installations.

But beyond the equipment itself, networking is not a consumer-friendly product when you want to optimize the network’s performance.  Are you comfortable in knowing how to prioritize some traffic and devices for the best performance?  Do you know the location to install a Wi-Fi device to fix a wireless dead zone?  These are the types of things you might want to employ a professional to do.

Management and maintenance are also critical. High-performance systems have sophisticated, secure management tools that can be used remotely, so your professional installer can monitor your network, ensure it is performing correctly, and diagnose and fix issues.  With a Certified Brilliant solution, we can monitor and support a network remotely, maximize uptime, and eliminate networking frustrations.



You know that many security threats are lurking around every corner of the Internet. Having the right equipment and the proper practices are essential to keep your network secure from hackers. The consequences of your network being hacked and someone stealing data off a computer could be serious – like breaches of financial accounts and identity theft.

Ongoing maintenance and monitoring of a home network are critical.  The network router administration portals should be protected by strong login credentials.  Devices on the network that communicate over the Internet should also be protected, and software may be to be updated periodically for security flaws and compatibility.  There are specific protocols that are less secure than others and may need to be closed off on your router.


With over 400 Certified Brilliant Wi-Fi Networks under our belts, we are experts in providing a turnkey solution for all your home networking needs. Contact us or click the button below to chat with one of our professionals today.