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Choosing the Right Smart Home Control Company

Smart Home Control Newport Beach, CA

Choosing the Right Smart Home Control Company

Here Are the Questions You Have to Ask

If you’re looking into adding smart home control and automation features to your Newport Beach property, you want to make sure you do it right. Will Do-It-Yourself solutions suffice for what you want to do? If it’s something simple like a few Wi-Fi light bulbs turning on at sundown or a smart speaker, perhaps that’s enough. But if you need many things working in tandem to provide true automation, things can get complicated quickly, and they require expert integration. Maybe you want motorized shades to block out some Western sun at a particular time of the afternoon, or to open up to enjoy the beautiful sunset over Balboa Island and the Pacific. You might also want to control your ceiling fans, fireplace, and outdoor music system while relaxing with a glass of wine and enjoying the view. You might be able to do some of this on your own, but you would likely spend a lot of time getting it to work consistently.

At Brilliant AV, we believe ENJOYABLE smart home control and automation is not a hobbyist endeavor that can be put together in an afternoon with a few smart devices from Amazon. The benefits and pleasures of true automation are achieved when everything works well together — and consistently. Which is not to say that some consumer technology does not work well, on the contrary, we integrate it where it’s appropriate, have tested it, and know that we can make it work consistently for you. The key is working with a company that can understand your needs, choose the right technology that fits your needs and budget, and see the project all the way through, including post-sale service and support.

Want to know more? Keep reading for some questions you should ask as you embark on finding the right company for your project.

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Can I Get References for Similar Projects You Have Completed?

You always want to choose a company with the right training, skills, and experience for your particular project. As you likely wouldn’t accept a builder that has never done a project above 2500 square feet for your 8000 square foot Pelican Hill estate, you want to choose a smart home company that can deal with the size and scope of your project. As with other contractors, ask to see their work if possible, and ask for customer testimonials. experience with commercial automation work might also be a good gauge of what they can do

Will You Supply a Written, Detailed Bid?

As in construction, sometimes you need flexibility in dealing with unforeseen issues. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a detailed bid of the equipment and labor involved in your project. You should be able to compare proposals from different companies based on price, but be aware that different companies often work with different preferred technology vendors making apples to apples comparisons difficult. A good question to ask is why they propose the technology they are bidding. Ask them to contrast their solution with competing ones.

What Technology Companies Do You Work With?

You can get a sense of a company by the brands with which they associate. Is the company an authorized dealer for the brand of equipment they are proposing? Are they trained and certified in that technology? Are they in the upper tier of the manufacturer’s dealers? Many manufacturers have different levels of dealers.

Are You a CEDIA or HTA Member?

CEDIA is the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association, which is the top professional association for the technology integration industry. Another significant association is HTA or the Home Technology Association which has several tiers of certification programs. These are essential credentials that help you know you are dealing with professionals. Among the certification requirements are carrying the right insurance coverage and licensing, continuing education to stay current on technology and processes, background checks on employees, and much more.

How Do You Support Me After the Sale?

Any smart home control company worth its salt should have easily accessible support after the sale. You may need to add a new device or function to your system, or you may want an upgrade to your audio-video setup. First, the company should make sure you have the proper training (if needed) to use your system correctly. They should also be capable of doing remote diagnostics and monitoring to ensure your system is working properly or to fix issues that can be addressed without an onsite visit.

Because Brilliant AV strongly believes in long-term client relationships and after-sale support, we have created multiple tiers of support plans for our clients. Clients can choose the program that makes sense for them, based on the complexity of their system and the level of speed they desire to access support should problems arise. By offering clear plans with included services and transparent pricing for additional support, we feel everyone benefits. 

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