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Wireless Music Systems

At Brilliant AV, listening to the perfect soundtrack doesn’t have to be complicated.  We are Sonos Gold Dealers which means we love this stuff!  Sonos is the ultimate choice for simplicity and quality for every room in your home.  A complete Sonos system can begin with the Sonos Playbar for amazing sound from your TV as well as the streaming music services.  The Playbar can be enhanced with the Sonos Sub as well as rear speakers for a full surround sound experience.  The amazing thing about a Sonos Surround Sound system is the absence of a “stack” of equipment.

Sonos has multiple products to distribute sound throughout your home.  Using built-in ceiling speakers or wireless powered speakers, Sonos can provide a seamless and simple user experience that delivers enjoyment to every member of your household.

Built-In Music Systems

You’re building the home of your dreams.  Aesthetics and acoustics are going to be of paramount importance.  Brilliant AV has a solution for every visual preference and every quality level desired.  Gone are the days where an unsightly large circle on the ceiling was the only way to get a good sounding speaker in your home.  Brilliant AV partners with Sonance as our architectural speaker provider.  Sonance specializes in providing the perfect looking sound solution for every look.  At the entry level are standard speakers with attractive paintable grills.  The next step up are sets of miniature speakers that are the same size and shape as the home’s light fixtures.  Getting into more bespoke options there are flush mounted speakers that are trim-less and moving to truly invisible speakers that are fully enclosed by the drywall, plaster, or wallpaper finish.  All of the solutions sound exceptional and will make your home look and sound spectacular.  specialty products that can perfectly match the light trim in your house for an incredibly integrated look or we can install completely invisible speakers behind drywall, wallpaper or even wood veneer.